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SS Overseas Visa Service is a well known institution in the field of abroad education consultants which assists an individual in achieving their dream to study abroad. We are highly prestigious abroad education consultants in the global market which has collaborations with colleges and universities across the globe.

SS Overseas Visa Service is one of the most trusted Institutes for providing quality learning for abroad studies in Surat. We guide and provide the necessary education to shape your dreams and visions out of India. We take pride in celebrating the success of our students.

We have a team of immigration experts, who have the responsibility of solving all your doubts about why, where, and how you need to immigrate. Our experienced visa consultants study your case carefully and prepare your documents that stands no chance of rejection.


The most important reason to choose SS Overseas franchise is that we don’t have any other agency or third party agency to clear our files. We have direct connections out of India which makes our work easy for clearing the filing of any student. SS Overseas also provides the after service to every student. If the student has any difficulties in finding accommodation, or good food out there then SS Overseas helps them in every aspect even after they have migrated.

We provide the franchise at a very nominal franchise fee which is a very good deal as it will have a very high Return On Investment. SS Overseas has a very strong database, this implies that the chances of clearing the file increases of every student. We have best Strategies for any area where you need to setup the franchise. You give us the area and we will provide you the training on how to market yourself in that area. The SS Overseas franchise holder does not have to worry for anything as they will directly forward the file and documents to SS Overseas and we will clear all the things and also take regular follow ups. SS Overseas always believe in transparency and we too work with full transparency. We provide what is best for students and we value their time and money. So at low cost and minimal time we try to finish the whole process of any student. So join with SS Overseas and you will see your growth within no time.

SS Overseas Reputation

SS Overseas Visa Service has good experience and proven expertise to ensure quality services. This has indeed created a good reputation of SS Overseas in the education and immigration industry.

Comprehensive Training

We have the Expertise in our industry and we want to pass on the same to our franchise partners. We provide comprehensive training to make you pitch perfect to run business smoothly.

Operational Support

We will be there to provide constant business operational suppot to help you run the business smoothly and effectively.

Good ROI

With the proven track records we can assure quality business with good returns on your investment thereby making your business a profitable.

Collaboration with Universities

We have Collaboration with more than 500 universities across the globe which helps make the process a bit easier.


Marketing is an essential key to acquire new business. We will promote the brand to help you acquire new business.


SS Overseas has a very huge platform which has been spread in all over India. We are directly connected to Colleges and Universities in Canada, Russia, and many other countries which gives you a glimpse that there is no third party involved in between. The staff of SS Overseas is very helpful and will help you with any type of queries. Unlike other agencies we provide a smooth way to complete your filing process and that too at lower cost compared to other overseas consulting agencies. We also provide an extra service to the parents of the student. If the parents intend to visit the student after he/she is migrated than we arrange everything for the parents as well. We only take the visiting charges and the ticket fare from the parents. Every other service is provided on nominal charges.